Surgical Scars

Here are some common injury and acne scars.To better understand the type of scar that you have so it can be properly treated, you should first identify if it’s a raised or sunken scar.

C-Section Scar – Caesarean sections, commonly called C-sections, are performed on women giving birth. The incision is usually either horizontal along the bikini line or vertical, and it leaves a scar behind.

Treatment – It is possible to treat a C-section scar using Scarguard MD or Scarsheet MD every day and night for 6-8 months. For nursing/breastfeeding moms, it is recommended to use medical grade silicone sheets, Scarsheet MD. These products were first developed by a plastic surgeon specifically for surgical scars and is now available as scar treatment products for most kind of scars.

Cosmetic Surgery – When a cosmetic procedure requires an incision so that something can be put in (implants) or taken out (liposuction, face lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck), there will be a scar.

Treatment – Cosmetic surgery scars can be treated by using Scarguard MD or Scarsheet MD every day. Developed
by a plastic surgeon, Scarguard MD and Scarsheet MD are the preferred scar management products of plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Surgical procedures – Whether it’s a surgical operation caused by injury or accident or operations such as thyroidectomy, any procedure that require an incision to the skin/body will leave a scar.

Treatment – These surgical scars can be flattened and treated using Scarguard MD or Scarsheet MD every day.

  • Scarguard Bruise Fader

    0 out of 5

    Bruising after cosmetic injections, cosmetic surgery, or even bumps and bruises can be upsetting. Don’t just wait for the bruising to slowly disappear. Help it instead.


    Take Bruise Fader  before the procedure, at the time of the procedure, or once the bruising has already appeared to help it go away as quickly as possible.


  • Scarguard Lightening Serum

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    Lightening Serum uses a proprietary blend of multiple lighteners. This combination of dermatological and homeopathic ingredients has been engineered to act synergistically to lighten dark brown scars and other skin discolorations.

  • Scarguard Repair Liquid

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    Prevent New Scar Formation – Shrink Old Scars
    Originally developed by a plastic surgeon to help treat the toughest scars that come after surgery, it has since become a trusted solution to prevent, flatten and shrink scars.

  • Scarguard Vitamin E Sheets

    0 out of 5

    Vitamin E Sheets is an ultra-thin, nearly invisible, silicone scar sheet that uses medical grade silicone infused with vitamin E that is believed to mimic the normal skin’s natural barrier function thereby improving the appearance of scars both old and new.

  • Solarguard

    0 out of 5

    Spray-on clear sunscreen specially designed for use with scar treatment and on sensitive skin. (6 oz.)