Scarguard Repair Liquid

Injury? Stitches? Surgery? Old Scar? Make it as close to Un-Happening as humanly possible. Originally developed by a plastic surgeon for plastic surgeons, Scarguard products are their #1 choice to make their work look great because it works.


How Scarguard Works

Scars are an overgrowth of collagen. The triple-action technology of Scarguard helps the body raise an enzyme called collagenase, the body’s own anti-scar weapon, to melt scars. It helps prevent new scars and melts old ones. The studies below prove it works.

How To Use Scarguard

This patented, proven formulation paints on as a liquid  and after about 10 seconds, completely dries to a flexible nanofilm and starts to work. Paint-on Scarguard once in the morning when you get up and at night before you go to sleep. You will start to see and feel the improvement in days as your scars melt away. It can even be worn under makeup.

Where to get Scarguard

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Clinical Proof

None of these university clinical studies was performed or funded by Scarguard Labs.

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