While there’s nothing wrong with having a scar or bruise, chances are if you could get rid of them, you would. I know I tried to in the past and bought that heavily marketed scar gel that’s really just onion juice (look at the ingredients) which ended up being a pure waste of my money. #Fail. I also won’t tell you about the painful attempts to “comb out” my bruises, because then you might look at me differently. All I have to say is thank goodness (for real) that I met Dr. Joel Studin who saved me from my clumsy and accident-prone self!

Dr. Studin is the amazing plastic surgeon who developed the whole Scarguard line of products. Originally developed to treat the toughest scars post surgery, they have now become a trusted over the counter (OTC) scar management product, recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists across the U.S. So whether it’s that C-section scar, acne scars, or bruising that you’re trying to improve – – his products are the only ones I would recommend to get the job done.

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