Stuart B. Kincaid, M.D., F.A.C.S.

“The side effect of plastic surgery, as with any invasive treatment, is often a scar. This is why Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon in San Diego, California, has incorporated Scarguard MD and Solarguard MD into his patients’ post-surgical...

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Richard Hainer, M.D.

ScarGuard(TM) combines these into an easy-to-use liquid. Whether you have a new injury or a scar that has been there for years, ScarGuard® can help! For scars from surgery, cuts, burns, stitches, scrapes and falls. Sacrguard Scarcare dries in seconds to a protective...

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Moor Plastic Surgery

It’s normal to be concerned about how your scars will look following a surgical procedure. Some people heal with very little scarring, while others are not as fortunate. Not being able to influence how your scars will look has always been frustrating. Until now....

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Beauty News NYC

Your personal mini plastic surgeon to reduce the appearance of hypertropic (raised) scars. Scars are often formed from excessive and disbalanced pattern of collagen production in an area of injury, piercing, or incision. Scarguard is the only over-the-counter scar...

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Cosmetic Surgery Forums

ScarGuard offers four different treatments for the management of scars (old and new) – and is the most powerful and effective treatment developed. It is a clear liquid that forms a fine flexible film within a few seconds after painting it onto the scar. This film...

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Helen Troncoso

While there’s nothing wrong with having a scar or bruise, chances are if you could get rid of them, you would. I know I tried to in the past and bought that heavily marketed scar gel that’s really just onion juice (look at the ingredients) which ended up being a pure...

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Tired of Unsightly Scars? Scarguard Can Help!

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