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All Scars are not created equally. Some are raised, others sunken. Some are red, others brown. Scarguard is a suite of scar treatment products created by a plastic surgeon. We are the #1 brand for treating scars used by plastic surgeons because of our scientific...

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The Truth About Scar Treatment

Everyone has a scar. Whether it’s from a bike injury, burn accident or a C-section surgery, each one of them is a constant reminder of your life story. Time heals all wounds but even nature can’t give you back your clear, unblemished skin. You will need a little help...

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Wound Care and Scar Care 101

Acquiring wounds is easy—trip over a curb, accidentally run a knife over your skin, drop a hair straightening iron on your leg and in a few seconds, the area is either red or bleeding and you automatically say to yourself, ‘Oh, I hope that won’t leave a mark!’...

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Onion Juice versus Silicone Sheet

Have you ever paid attention to the ingredients found in your food? Everyone’s very cautious about what they feed their bodies to ensure good health, but do you practice the same when it comes to over-the-counter medications and creams? Perhaps not as diligently, and...

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Summer, sun and skin discoloration

Summer means spending long, lazy sunny days by the beach or enjoying the great outdoors. Aside from giving you great memories, your skin also collects souvenirs in the form of multiplied freckles, melasma, sun spots and other discolorations no thanks to sun exposure....

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Is it possible to treat an old scar?

You probably have an old scar that you learned to live with through the years but, have you ever wondered if it’s really possible to treat that scar? The answer is yes. Scars come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Old scars can be improved no matter how long it has...

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